Best Residential Flat in Kolkata : Orbit Urban Park

Discover a realm of luxurious living in the heart of Kolkata with Orbit Urban Park. Elevating the concept of residential excellence, Orbit Urban Park stands as a beacon of opulence, offering a range of spacious configurations and world-class amenities that redefine urban living.

Best Residential Flat in Kolkata: Orbit Urban Park

Orbit Urban Park stands as a beacon of sophistication and elegance in the thriving landscape of New Town, Kolkata. This prestigious residential project offers a range of configurations, including 3, 4, and 5 BHK apartments, designed to elevate your living experience to unprecedented heights.

Luxury Redefined: Amenities and Features

From the grandeur of the residential club to the tranquility of the meditation center, Orbit Urban Park is a symphony of opulent amenities. Dive into the temperature-controlled swimming pool, unwind at the rooftop lounge, or let your kids revel in the expansive play area. Landscaped gardens, a banquet hall, and an open-space concept add to the allure of this luxurious enclave.

Space and Serenity: Floor Plans and Configurations

Choose from a variety of spacious configurations that range from 1550 to 8859 sq. ft. The floor plans are meticulously designed to ensure that each dwelling is bathed in natural light and offers a sense of openness. With options like 3, 4, and 5 BHK layouts, Orbit Urban Park caters to your every need, whether you’re a growing family or someone seeking spacious opulence.

Elevated Living with Vastu Compliance

Orbit Urban Park embraces the principles of Vastu, offering a harmonious living environment where positive energies flow freely. The 3 sides open design ensures abundant ventilation and natural light, while the B+G+22 structure exudes grandeur and magnificence.

Location that Speaks Convenience

Nestled in New Town, Kolkata, Orbit Urban Park places you in the heart of a vibrant urban hub. With seamless connectivity to shopping centers, entertainment zones, and transportation hubs, your daily conveniences are always within arm’s reach.

Pricing and Payments: Your Pathway to Luxury

The pricing of Orbit Urban Park reflects its exclusivity and grandeur. Starting from ₹1.24 Cr*, these residences promise a life of luxury that’s worth every penny. With flexible payment options and booking amounts as low as 10%, your journey towards owning a luxurious abode is made effortless.

Ratings that Reflect Excellence

Orbit Urban Park has garnered exceptional ratings for its location, safety, transportation, entertainment, and connectivity. This echoes the project’s commitment to providing a lifestyle that exceeds expectations in every aspect.

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1. What is Orbit Urban Park?

Orbit Urban Park is a prestigious residential project located in the vibrant New Town area of Kolkata, offering a range of luxurious living spaces.

2. What types of configurations are available at Orbit Urban Park?

Orbit Urban Park offers 3, 4, and 5 BHK configurations, catering to varying space requirements and lifestyles.

3. What is the possession date of Orbit Urban Park?

The possession of Orbit Urban Park is scheduled for 01 Mar 2027, providing ample time for the project’s completion.

4. Is Orbit Urban Park compliant with Vastu principles?

Yes, Orbit Urban Park is designed with Vastu compliance in mind, ensuring a harmonious living environment.

5. What are the amenities available at Orbit Urban Park?

Orbit Urban Park offers a wide range of amenities including a residential club, meditation center, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, play areas, and more.

6. What are the available floor plan configurations and sizes?

Orbit Urban Park provides a variety of floor plan configurations ranging from 1550 to 8859 sq. ft., accommodating different space preferences.

7. How can I make a booking at Orbit Urban Park?

To book a residence at Orbit Urban Park, you can follow the payment structure and booking amounts mentioned on the website.

8. What is the connectivity of Orbit Urban Park to essential services?

Orbit Urban Park is strategically located with easy access to shopping centers, transportation hubs, entertainment options, and daily conveniences.

9. What are the ratings of Orbit Urban Park?

Orbit Urban Park has received exceptional ratings across various aspects such as location, safety, transportation, entertainment, and connectivity.

10. What makes Orbit Urban Park stand out among other residential projects?

Orbit Urban Park stands out due to its luxurious amenities, Vastu-compliant design, flexible payment options, and its prime location in New Town, Kolkata.

Your Dream Home Awaits at Orbit Urban Park

In conclusion, Orbit Urban Park transcends traditional residential living, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, convenience, and serenity. With its thoughtfully designed spaces, world-class amenities, and strategic location, this project sets a new benchmark for opulent living in New Town, Kolkata. Don’t miss the chance to make Orbit Urban Park your haven of comfort and elegance. Embrace a life of luxury – come home to Orbit Urban Park. Contact Vikriti Real Estate

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